Wooden Toy Vegetable Garden Puzzle


Facilitate understanding of the natural world with a hand crafted wooden toy garden puzzle set.


Product Features


  • All Natural Learning Puzzle: Help kids learn and explore vegetables and gardens with a delightful 6-piece veggie set with corresponding holes.
  • Realistic Garden Concept: How many toy vegetables come with a dirt patch for planting? This realism truly educates kids to the concept of where vegetables come from (e.g. not just the supermarket, or even the farmer, but from the EARTH).
  • Identify the Tops: Kids learn to identify how the vegetables look IN the ground by their leafy tops, something that has been increasingly lost in our modern age.
  • Handcrafted & Natural: Crafted by hand in the United States, with natural materials and supporting a local craftsperson.

Materials: All natural, hand painted, non toxic, Pine and Poplar, Wood, Linseed Oil, Acrylic Painted

Item Sizing: Dirt Frame: 3.5” x 13” x 1”, Onion: 6” x 2”, Beet: 5” x 2.5”, Radish: 4” x 2”, Turnip: 4.25” x 2.5”, Garlic: 5.25” x 2”, Carrot: 6” x 2”

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