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As parents, we all want the best for our children, but with all of the artificial ingredients and chemical additives in products today, it can be difficult to find safe alternatives, no matter what you’re looking for. And if you do find an all-natural alternative, you’re likely going to pay more for it.

We know how overwhelming it is to be a parent, let alone struggle to find things that don’t contain all of the harmful substances you don’t feel comfortable giving to your child. Even when you do find something that looks like it might be safer, sometimes it’s nearly impossible to tell based on cryptic language and tricky labels.

That’s why our experienced parenting team has created this site. We can guide you through finding safe alternatives with all of the information you need to know and none of the confusing stuff you don’t. Creek to Crescent has dozens of combined years of parenting experience and use of all-natural products. We can help you find the safest all-natural outdoor toys, indoor toys, and arts and crafts supplies.

We’ll even help you sift through the products that may seem great on the surface, but aren’t worth your time. With product reviews, comparisons, and lists, you’ll save time and money by letting us do the research for you.

Your little explorer will benefit from the knowledge you gain here and the time you free up to dig in and play alongside them. Their childhood will be the best it could possibly be, no matter whether they’re running, jumping, climbing, or coloring.

Our mission

Here at Creek to Cresent, our biggest mission is to help make your life as a parent easier. We only deliver honest opinions here, because we know how precious the well-being of your child is. We’ll cover guides on how to choose the best natural toys, product reviews, comparisons between popular products, and more. No matter where you’re at in your journey to providing your child with a better life, we’re here to help!

How this works

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Our reviewers test products for weeks, or even months at a time in order to provide you with an honest and fair review. If we decide to offer a product review, we don’t base the things we say off on a single-use or someone else’s experience. We try it ourselves and give it the test drive it deserves.

Your child will put their toys in their mouths, use them in ways they’re not intended to be used, and even break them, so don’t you want to know ahead of time whether the item you’re thinking about buying will withstand the rigors of your teenager? That’s why Creek to Crescent is here.

This is how we treat every single post we write. The goal is to give you the information you need before making an investment. Because that’s what your child needs. We want your experience with the things we recommend to be the best they can possibly be. If you spend your money on high-quality products, they should be useful and safe.

What We Offer

Our multi-step review process is tailored specifically to the item being reviewed. However, we follow a few simple guidelines to get every review started out on the right track. This ensures that your experience navigating our site is cohesive and easy to understand. Here’s what we do:

  • We see a product we like or a product is recommended to us by someone who loves it, so we purchase it for review. We DO NOT accept free or discounted items from manufacturers. This keeps our reviews totally unbiased, so you can be sure the information is accurate and true.
  • We test the product in the recommended environment, with children of an appropriate age. Outdoor toys are used in all seasons, indoor toys are used for months at a time, and arts and crafts supplies are used until they run out.
  • While testing the item, we keep a log of how it’s used and how it holds up under different circumstances. We’ll also record our personal thoughts and experiences with the item or as we observe our children using them.
  • The person who conducted the research writes the article. We DO NOT pass off our notes to someone else for them to interpret. We’re in the weeds with the product, so we relay the information ourselves. However, our writers do rely on our editorial staff for support.
  • The articles we publish are updated as products change and evolve. If questions from the community come up, we’ll revise the article to be more complete and accurate. If a product is discontinued, we’ll remove it from the review and replace it with an updated version or something comparable.

Oh, and one more thing: you’re doing a great job. No matter who you are or what you struggle with, you’re here because you care about your kids. We don’t always win every battle, but you’re doing everything you can to ensure your kids are safe and healthy, which makes you incredible.

You’re taking an active part in providing your child with the tools they need to grow stronger, smarter, every day. You’re the real hero.

Our Core Values

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Environmental responsibility, health, safety, function, passion, and trustworthiness.

Meet Our Passionate Parenting Experts 

Featured Writer: Elizabeth Ramos – Early Childhood Education Expert

Elizabeth has a background in early childhood education, and she’s now expanding the number of lives she touches by writing on our website. She loves helping others learn the ins and outs of natural parenting. And she’s here to join you in the difficult (but rewarding journey) that being a parent can be. She knows all of the secret tips and tricks that not many parents are aware of to ensure the toys you bring into your home are completely safe. 

Why are you giving advice on Creek to Crescent? 

I was an early childhood educator in private homes, schools, and daycares for over a decade. Today, I’m using my passion as I raise my 1-year-old daughter and write about my expertise and experience!
What goal do you hope to accomplish by teaching others about natural toys? 

I hope to show caregivers the value of beautiful, open-ended toys that children can do all kinds of things with. These kinds of toys grow with your child!

How do you ensure a toy is safe for your child to use? 

I look for sealed, stained wood over painted wood. Also, I trust age recommendations and read reviews. I also go with my gut. I know my child best when it comes to how they explore!
What’s one you would highly recommend to all parents?

Blocks! From about 6-months on, blocks have magical powers. They’re great for social interactions, pretend play, hand-eye coordination, cause-and-effect, and so much more! 

Alizabeth Swain – Montessori Mom

Alizabeth’s a new mom – and in this day, it can be a challenging thing. Even since she was pregnant with her son, she’s been obsessed with learning all she can about being a Montessori parent. So, she’s filled her son’s nursery with Montessori toys and loves helping other moms lead this parenting style. She believes it’s never too late to make a switch to natural toys, and she’s here to help you on your journey. 

Why am I giving advice on Creek to Crescent?

I’m a new mom and it’s terrifying to see how many constant recalls there are on toys. Poisonous materials used in the creation of the toy, batteries getting loose, parts that break off and are choking hazards – it literally made me crazy with worry. That was, until I discovered the world of natural toys. Now, I’m dedicated to discovering the absolute best natural toys to spoil my baby with. It makes me worry a lot less and it’s way better for the environment (and my wallet). 

What goal do you hope to accomplish by teaching others about natural toys?

I hope to help other moms stress less! There’s so much out there in the world of parenting to consume your worry, the toys your child plays with shouldn’t be one of those things. Let me help you discover the best natural toys for you and your family. 

How do you ensure a toy is safe for your child to use?

First stop, recalls list. I make sure no product I’m getting ready to buy my child is on any sort of recall list. Then, I’ll look to see what materials were made in the creation of the toy; I make sure there isn’t any phthalates, PVC, or BPA in the toy. I always try to support small businesses when I can too. 

What’s one toy you would highly recommend to all parents?

Wooden nesting toys! They’re fun for toddlers to play with, but the bright colors and patterns are great for babies to stare at. Plus, they’re cute enough for you to leave out on display! 

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